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Payment and Refund Policies

Payments and Delivery of Services


Prices displayed on the Site are for limited offers for services such as website development, e-commerce store design and development, SEO and online marketing services, advertising and design.  The prices displayed on the Site are posted in U.S. dollars. Our work includes programming, development scripts and customization of other processes, and services offered at advertised special rates on our website. Each client who requests work from us will receive a proposal unique to their project, that they have the ability to review and discuss with us so that we can answer all questions before signing.


By signing our proposal for the project specified in the proposal, you are agreeing to have us deliver the project specified in the proposal. You also agree to pay in advance the price of the Service(s) ordered, plus any applicable fees or charges (examples of these additional charges can include paying separately for website hosting, SSL certificates, website domain registration, online advertising services from other providers like Google or Facebook, or third-party applications that you want us to integrate into your website or e-commerce store.) Any other work added to the project by the client after the project is underway will be considered to be outside the scope of work and we will present an addendum or work order for the additional work to be approved by the client in writing. Payment may be made by credit or debit card or any other method of payment we may make available to you (each, a “Method of Payment”). In order to make a payment, you must provide us with valid credit or debit card and/or other billing information and authorize us (or any third party payment service provider engaged by us) to charge your Method of Payment for all orders placed and accepted via the Site or from our secure online invoicing system.

Refund Policy

If you are considering a refund, we have processes to enable a quick refund. We strive to deliver exceptional work to every client, all the time. We value and appreciate happy clients and we promise to make every effort to exceed your expectations for excellence in the work you request from us. We know that even though we strive to create amazing work and a superior experience for every client, there may be an occasional hiccup, which we will do everything we can to make right. Here are our refund policies:

  • Our No-Surprises Work Process: Before starting your project, we discuss your requirements in detail so that you and we understand your objectives and we agree on them in writing. During your project, we will submit our work for your review at various stages, so that you can approve it at every phase during the process we’re taking to deliver your finished work, which can include but may not be limited to graphic design, website or e-commerce development, copywriting, digital advertising or content marketing campaigns. We obtain your review and approval at each project phase to eliminate any surprises, this enables us to deliver work that exceeds your expectations.
  • Due to the custom nature of our work and our inability to recover lost time dedicated to your project, we are unable to give you a full refund if you cancel a project.
  • Our Make It Right Policy: If you have a problem with any of our work, we will offer to make it right. For example, if a website we develop for you is having problems caused by us, we will fix it for you at no charge. We will review every instance with our clients to ensure quick resolution of any issues.
  • If there is no way we can resolve your issue, we will offer you a refund of up to 40% of the total purchase price of the service you purchased from us for up to 30 days from the date of purchase. Monthly subscription fees or third-party advertising costs for ongoing advertising, website maintenance, SEO services or social media marketing are not refundable.
  • You are responsible for contacting us immediately if there are any problems with the work we deliver, to allow us to make it right for you.